Pay per Call

Pay per Call is a convenient and reliable way to extend your payment methods.

Our premium services allows you to bill your services on the phone bill of your customer. In Germany, the maximum amount you can bill via a call is max. thirty euros (30,00 €).  In other countries the amount might vary. Your customer can use Pay per Call e.g. to charge his account on your webpage or pay for other services or goods provided by you. The advantages are that you can reach a wider range of customers, who e.g. don’t have a credit card, like to pay anonymously or may have a certain fear of utilizing their credit card information online. Furthermore it’s a safe payment method for your services, and almost everbody can use this payment system.

Another good reason to consider Pay per Call: almost everybody has a phone. Since not everybody owns a credit card or likes to use it for online transactions, you’ll be able to reach a broader audience by call payment.

To use Pay per Call, your customer will call a so called Premium number, e.g. 0900-5-999 666. The freely configurable amount will be charged on his phone bill, which the customer usually receives once a month.

Example for a Pay per Call

Your customer wants to charge his account on your website or pay for another service. Therefore, he will be given a PIN code by your web interface and the telephone number to be called. Afterwards, your customer has to dial the number, e.g. 0900-5-999 666. An automated Voice message will tell your customer how much the call costs and will require the entering of the PIN code, which has been provided earlier. The PIN code serves as identification and is used to assign the Pay per Call to his account on your website. Now, your customer is able to use the charged amount for your services.

Structure of the Call Flow for a Pay per Call

Pay per Call

Your Advantages

  • your customer is able to charge his account without the use of a credit card
  • bill your customers over the phone bill
  • max. call charge of 30,00€ in Germany (other countries may vary)
  • your customers have a secure and anonymous way to pay for your services


If you like to have an offer for your Pay per Call option on your website, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts.


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