Mobile Subscription

A mobile subscription for your services is one of the most convenient alternative payments. Your customer will be charged on his cell phone bill. The advantage, especially in the German speaking market, is the anonymous way for your customers to pay for your services. It’s a perfect way to give access to your users to your services, e.g. a cam or video, without using a credit card. Your user will pay a weekly fee of ten euros (10,00 €) or forty (40,00 €) per month automatically by subscribing to your services. The weekly or monthly fee will be paid until your customer cancels his subscription.

To register for the service your customer will call a service number and has to press a certain button combination or by saying a certain word. The whole process takes less time then entering your payment information, and is often done in less than a minute. The subscription is valid until your user unsubscribes your services.

You will reach a broader audience, because not everybody in Germany owns a credit card. And even if they do have a credit card, some people don’t like to use it for online services.

Example of a Mobile Subscription

Before your customer can subscribe he needs to visit your internet site. He can either get a subscription by The Number and the code will be provided by your website. Your customer will dial the given telephone number e.g. 123456 from his cell phone. An automated announcement will welcome the customer and will ask to enter the PIN code provided earlier. After a successful varification, your customer will be asked if he/she agrees to the subsription. By saying a certain given key word, e.g. Yes or Agree, or by entering a certain combination of numbers, your customer accepts the subscription. Now, the customer is able to join the full content of your website.

Structure of the Call Flow for Mobile Subscription

Mobile Subscription


  • offer an access to your services
  • a consistent income
  • your customers don’t have to charge their account
  • with an easy phone call and confirmation your customer can easily subscribe
  • your customer pays via his mobile phone bill
  • anonymous, reliable and easy payment method


If you like to have an offer for your Pay per Call option on your website, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

Alternative Payment Methods

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