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General Information

Per Minute Payment is a perfect way to offer your services via telephone payment. With so called Premium numbers, your customers can be charged up to three euros (3,00 €) per minute or part thereof in Germany, e.g. he is connected 12 minutes and 30 seconds and will pay for 13 minutes. In other countries the max. chargeable amount might vary. Furthermore, the amount can be set at a desired price and you can even charge different amounts for different services. With Minute Payment, your caller will only be charged for the time frame, he’s connected to your services. The prices for your service have to be mentioned on your website, where the number is shown and have to be announced at the beginning of the call.

One of the primary advantages is the anonymous way for your customers to pay for your services. It’s a perfect way to give the user access to your services without using a credit card or other payment measures.

It’s a convenient and anonymous way for your customers to connect with your services, without the use of a credit card or another payment option like a bank transfer or Paypal. The amount will be charged on his telephone bill.

Minute Payment can be used to give your customers access e.g. to a web chat or video. Your customer has to hold the line until he wants to end the connection.

The max. call duration is 60 minutes in Germany. In other countries it might vary.

Example for a Minute Payment

Your customer wants to join a cam service on your website. To join the cam service he can call:

  1. An extended Premium Number, e.g. 0900-5-999 666 – 143. The extension 143 identifies your customer and gives him access to your service.
  2. A normal Premium Number, e.g. 0900-5-999 666. An automated voice message will tell your customer to enter a PIN code provided by your web portal to identify your customer.

Now, the customer is connected to your service and has to hold the line until he decides to leave your service. He will be charged e.g. 1,99 € per minute.

He will pay the charged amount via his telephone bill, which he will usually get at the end of the month.

Structure of the Call Flow for Minute Payment

Overview Minute Payment


  • no credit card needed
  • the customer is charged for the actual time he’s connected to your service (based on minutes)
  • transparent, anonymous and easy method to connect your customers with your services
  • flexible price range
  • the customer won’t necessarily need an account on your website


If you like to have an offer for your Pay per Call option on your website, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

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