Fixed line Subscription

The fixed line subscription is a modern way to pay for your services. It can be used to gain access to your web service and doesn’t have to be renewed. This is a major advantage compared to credit card payments, where you have to renew your subscription every week/month/year. In countries like Germany, you’ll be able to extend your clientele by a large amount, because a lot of Germans don’t own credit cards. Phones, on the other hand, are used by almost everybody.

Your customer will dial a number, and with a certain key combination agrees to a subscription to your services. By agreeing, your customer will be charged a weekly amount up to ten euros (10,00 €). Or you can charge monthly for the equivalent amount of forty euros (40,00 €).

A fixed line subscription has various advantages for you and your customers. Your customer won’t have to deal with annoying calls to re-activate or continue his subscription to your services. Furthermore, he can pay you anonymous.

Example of a fixed line Subscription

The customer wants to subscribe to your services. Therefore, he will receive a PIN code and Premium telephone number, which he has to dial, on your website. Afterwards, your customer will dial e.g. 0900-5-123456 from his phone. An automated announcement will give your customer the name of your service and will ask to enter his PIN code for identification. After verification of the customer the automated voice wants the customer to authorize the subsription by saying a certain keyword, e.g. „Yes“ or „Agree“, or by entering a certain combination of numbers. Now, your customer has subscribed your service and can join your service online without limitations until he unsubscribes.

Structure of the Call Flow for fixed line Subscription

Fixedline Subscription


  • offer an access to your services
  • a consistent income
  • your customers don’t have to charge their account
  • with an easy phone call and confirmation your customer can easily subscribe
  • your customer pays via his telephone bill
  • anonymous, reliable and easy payment method


If you like to have an offer for your Pay per Call option on your website, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

Alternative Payment Methods

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