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Select from a range of alternative payment solutions to improve your conversion rates and increase your market outreach.

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Direct Carrier & SMS billing

Direct Carrier & SMS Billing

Direct Carrier billing increases your conversion rates compared to credit card payments by up to 50%. We offer direct carrier billing and premium SMS billing in the major European markets. One time payments as well as subscription models are supported. Through our premium SMS product you can monetize chat communication via premium SMS chat.

Pay by Phone

IVR and phone payment

A very easy to use and highly converting payment method for spontaneous payments which dont require your customer to go through registration. With our phone payments you can bill your content per minute or per call. Users are not required to provide any sensitive data or charge coins before they can start spending money. Charges are done through your customers phone bill. Easy, convenient and anonymous.


Available price ranges and payment types

Minute Payment

adult content allowed
available outside Germany

up to $6.50/min*

more info

Pay per Call

adult content allowed
available outside Germany

up to $100 per call

more info

Fixedline Subscription

adult content allowed
available outside Germany

up to $10 per week

more info

Mobile Subscription

adult content allowed
available outside Germany

up to $10 per week

more info


Optimized payout times tailored for webmaster or affiliate schemes. We are offering flexible timings for our payouts to suit the needs of our customers. Ask us for more information.


Payment flows adjustable single and subscription payments. You can use your own templates in most cases and adapt the payment pages to your own look and feel. We support you in setting up your payment pages to make sure everything is compliant to country regulations


Integration with us is easy. We offer standardised APIs that will allow your developers to quickly integreate our payment solutions. Of course we dont leave you alone with it and support you along the way

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